Justin Timberlake Man of the Woods Air Higher Kicks

19 Apr

We typically think of Justin Timberlake as the dude in the suit and tie all dressed up for a nightclub. His last album, Man of the Woods, debuted a whole new look for the artist which weighed heavily on flannel and the outdoors. Timberlake also unveiled a new pair of Jordans called Air Higher which has a rugged, down to earth feel. He collaborated with designer Tinker Hatfield, who worked with him on previous shoes.

Timberlake Air Higher Jordan Kicks 1
Image Credit: Kicks Collector

Justin made a statement about the live instrumentation of the album, and how he wanted the sneakers to have the same vibe of being made by hand and not feeling factory produced. We got the chance to inspect these kicks over here at Kicks Collector headquarters, and were very impressed with the subtle nuances including the minimal jumpman and swoosh which is the same light brown color as the bulk of the shoe. There is a cool reflective material used on the swoosh which gives it a fun and unexpected nighttime shimmer. I guess you can’t completely remove the glam from JT, you can only try to contain it.

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