Rare Sneakers For Sale Online: Used & Deadstock

Are you the ultimate kicks collector? We have all the information of the most sought after limited edition sneakers for sale online from used to deadstock condition! You’ll find brands like Air Jordan, Yeezy, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Converse, Vans, New Balance, Asics, and miscellaneous luxury designers. We also have a sneakers blog with useful articles and information. The sneaker collecting culture got started in the 1980s specifically with Nike collaborating with Michael Jordan to make the infamous Air Jordan brand which was first released in 1985. A mint condition pair of Jordans from the first year recently sold for $30,000 on Sothebys. Yowza! One of the things we found out about Michael Jordan in the excellent series The Last Dance, was that he initially wanted to work with Adidas for his custom sneaker line.

Kicks Collector keeps you up-to-date on the recent and upcoming sneaker releases along with informative articles and reviews of our favorite releases. Check out our top five favorite 2020 shoes from Air Jordan and New Balance. Brush up on your sneakerhead slang, so you can keep up with the kids. Read our profile of unexpected sneaker collectors including an elderly nurse from Florida, fishing guide from Minnesota, and a catholic priest from Oregon. Check out our profiles of shoe designers including the legendary Tinker Hatfield. We also like to look back on our favorite vintage shoes which are harder to locate, but well worth the effort. There are many outlets to buy and sell hard to find, limited edition kicks. Check out our StockX review and GOAT review before you decide where to browse. If you love colorful kicks, check out this original abstract art for sale.